Quilt Block Trail Guide

Follow the Trail

Do you like quilts? Do you make quilts? Do you use quilts? The Needle Chasers Quilt Guild is sponsoring The Tishomingo County Quilt Block Trail. It is a fun and adventuresome quilt block hunt. You can download your copy of the guide or just follow along here right here.

There are multiple versions of each block, the one pictured below is not necessarily the one you are looking for.

Start:  Tishomingo County                  Visitor's Center

Tishomingo County Visitors Center, 1001 Battleground Dr, Iuka, MS 38852. Go north on Battleground Drive .3 miles to the red light and take a right. Go .5 miles to reach the Old Courthouse on the left. Turn left on Fulton Street to view the block.

2: Old Court House

203 East Quitman Street—Confederate Rose block—This block is named for what was believed to be a type of rose growing in the South but more recently identified as a hibiscus. This particular block has a portrait of John C. Stone, painted by Johnnie Schell of Savannah, TN. Stone resided in Iuka and was governor of Mississippi from 1876-1882 and served a second term from 1890-1896.

3: Phillips Building

31 S. Fulton Street—Continue north on Fulton Street and on the first building across the railroad tracks you will see four Civil War blocks--from top left clockwise—Railroad Crossing, Blockade, Nine Patch, and Indiana Puzzle.

4: Pray Pottery

115 South Fulton Street—Continuing north on Fulton Street about .1 miles is the Circle of Friends block at Pray Pottery.

5: 804 North Pearl Street

Continue to the end of Fulton Street and take a left onto Eastport Street. Go two blocks and turn right onto Pearl Street. Go .4 miles, and you will see two quilt blocks on a green fence on the right. The first block you come to is Lennie’s Block. The second is the more traditional Churn Dash block.

6: Piggly Wiggly

627 Battleground Dr—continue to the intersection of Pearl and Ash Street. Take a left on Ash Street and go .5 miles until you intersect with Battleground Drive. Take a left and drive .7 miles. Piggly Wiggly will be on your left. The Monkey Wrench block is on display and represents the new Ace Hardware addition to Piggly Wiggly grocery offerings.

7: Grace Long Realty

1415 Battleground Drive—Continue left out of the Piggly Wiggly parking lot and go .2 miles. The Long building is on your left and features the Patriotic Lone Star block located on the right side of the building.

8: Lambert's Building      Supply

1510 Battleground Drive—Continue south on Battleground Drive .1 of mile. The Poinsettia block above the front door of the Lambert’s building is from a heirloom quilt made by the owner’s grandmother and quilted by her mother and a friend.

9: Wyer Barn

Continue right out of Lambert’s parking lot, and go .2 miles to Hwy 25. Turn left on Hwy 25 and go .2 miles to the intersection of Hwy 25 and 72. Turn right (west) onto Hwy 72 and go 5 miles. Look to your right, and you will see the Laurel Wreath block located on a barn. This block is from an heir-loom quilt made by the owner’s grandmother.

10: Burnsville School

Continue west on Hwy 72 2.1 miles, and turn right on Fulton St in Burnsville. Look to your left for the Burnsville one room schoolhouse with a log cabin next door. The Schoolhouse block adorns this building.

11: 28 County Road 233

Go back to Hwy 72 and turn left (east). Go 5.5 miles and turn right onto Mt. Gilead Rd. Continue .5 mile to CR 233 and take a left. At .2 miles on your right you will see the Guardians of the Galaxy quilt block.

12: Midway Community         Center

Turn around and go .2 miles and turn right onto Mt Gilead Rd. Go .5 miles to Hwy 72. Go 1 mile to the Iuka exit. Take the exit and go right 4.1 miles to Hwy 364. Turn right on Hwy 364. Midway Community Center is on your right, and the Soldier’s Aid Block can be seen in front of that building.

Finish:  Old Court House

Go back to Hwy 25 and turn left (north). Go 5.7 miles to a 4-way stop. Turn left and go 1 mile. The Old Courthouse is on the left.